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Suggestibility of children – sexual abuse victims

When it comes to the hearing of minors – victims of sexual abuse, where there are no direct witnesses, the […]

How to build rapport with children in the hearing?

Hearing minors who have been victims of sexual abuse or other types of violence is a constant challenge for investigators. […]

Children’s response to traumatic events

-Factors influencing this response- The complexity of trauma in children requires consideration of multiple factors when analysing the individual response […]

Techniques for clarifying details in interviewing a child

During the interview, when the child has difficulty verbally recounting situations or additional details are desired, it may be useful […]

The role of the therapist in working with child victims of abuse

The literature emphasises that the therapist has an important role to play in the psychological rehabilitation of the child following […]

Intervention models. Working rules in cases of sexual abuse from a psychosocial perspective

G. Fischer and P. Riedesser (2000) in their work Psychotraumatology Handbook present trauma as a definition of traumatic experience, thus […]

Signs of recognition of the abused child. Consequences of abuse on the child’s psycho-social development and integration

Several specific signs of neglect and abuse are presented in the literature. Knowing these specific signs helps the professional working […]

General elements of justice in the interests of the child

Every year in Romania, thousands of children directly or indirectly meet the justice system, which frequently reveals repeated incidents of […]


Human rights and the rights of the child The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the UN on 10 […]

Barnahus standards

Respecting of best interest of the child and his or her rights of being heard, informed, while avoiding undue delays […]