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Domestic violence

Domestic violence is a widespread and pervasive public health problem with serious consequences. Besides the fact that domestic violence is […]

Risk factors that predispose children to sexual abuse

Any child can be at risk of being sexually abused, whether they are a girl or a boy. Most of […]

Which laws are relevant for child victims or witnesses of violence?

Violence can be defined as „all forms of physical and mental violence, injury or abuse, neglect or negligent treatment, maltreatment […]

Children and the reveal of sexual abuse – what parents need to know

Children going through sexual abuse are faced with having to make a decision that is far too difficult for their […]

Child sexual abuse – who abuses children?

The thought of people sexually abusing children is terrifying and inevitably we sometimes wonder who would do such a thing […]

Preventing Child Sexual Abuse: An essential guide for parents

Sexual abuse is a serious and highly sensitive issue affecting millions of children worldwide. To ensure the safety and protection […]

Childhood sex games

At pre-school age or in the early school years, games involving undressing in front of another child and looking at […]

The role of social worker in cases of child sexual abuse

Social assistance is a component of the national social protection system and includes social services and social benefits provided by […]

Typology of sexual behaviour

The influences that can be exerted on children’s sexual behaviours are manifold. For example, age-appropriate sexual behaviours can be affected […]

Identifying behaviours of concern in children’s development

When making judgments about violence, it is advisable to understand the child’s developmental level – which includes the physical, cognitive, […]