For children

Ten questions about the hearing you didn’t have the courage to ask

If you have been the victim of an abusive situation, either at the hands of someone you know or someone […]

All you need to know about the hearing

The hearing is one of the steps followed during criminal proceedings. It consists of a discussion between the child victim […]

Romantic relationship in adolescence

Adolescence is one of the most beautiful periods of life, when we begin to get to know ourselves more and […]

Who sexually abuses children?

Child sexual abuse is the worst form of abuse today. Unfortunately, some people end up abusing children and teenagers in […]

“To say or not to say?” Revealing sexual abuse

“To say or not to say?” – children who go through such experiences often ask themselves. The thought that they […]

About violence

Despite worldwide progress towards eliminating the use of corporal punishment, many parents continue to use corporal punishment to ‘educate’ their […]

What Grooming is?

Grooming is a term used to describe how people who want to sexually abuse children and young people approach them […]

What is sexting?

Sexting generally refers to sending sexually explicit images or messages via text, social media or direct messages. For example, it […]

Your rights

Human rights and children’s rights Do you know that all people have rights? Do you know that until the age […]

What can you do in situations of abuse?

Violence and other forms of abuse What is abuse? Abuse is any voluntary action by a person who is in […]