Research report on the interaction of child victims of sexual abuse with state institutions involved in the management of such cases

Research objectives

  1. To describe the path followed by the child victims of sexual abuse in relation to state institutions based on interviews with professionals in the filed of sexual abuse of minors.
  2. To describe practices, perceptions and attitudes of specialists in relation to the issue of child sexual abuse and procedural stages in which they that participate and
  3. To indicate a set of solutions and recommendations to improve the response and protection services for child victims of sexual abuse.

Methodologically, the study on which this report is based consisted of 50 in-depth individual interviews (8 judges, 9 prosecutors, 8 police officers, 9 psychologists, 6 social workers, 3 layers, 3 specialist of the People’s Advocate Institution, 2 forensic specialists, 2 programs coordinators for victims of sexual abuse). The data was collected between July and September 2022.


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